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Jin wallpaper

Jin wallpaper

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Jin wallpaper
Wallpaper Description: When Jin was 18, he was to be assassinated in his sleep by his sensei, Mariya Enshirou, at Kariya Kagetoki's insistence. Jin killed Mariya in self-defense, to his horror. He fled the dojo, becoming a ronin. His death is sought by many, including former classmates and not limited to fame-seekers. Mujushin was a real sword-fighting dojo, and Mariya Enshirou is known to have been the third master — although the circumstances of his death are unclear.The esoteric teachings of Mujushin become vitally important in the series finale. Jin is highly devoted to upholding Bushido and is in fact named after jin (benevolence), one of the seven samurai virtues.

Jin is usually taciturn and unusually collected. He is an extremely skilled swordsman, using swift, refined, orthodox moves of the Mujushin Kenjutsu discipline, making him the perfect foil for Mugen. Jin's sword-fighting abilities impress and are commented upon by several extremely skilled fighters, such as Inuyaka, Sara, Kariya Kagetoki, and even Mugen. In episode 25, Kariya himself admits that Jin is closer to his level than any opponent he has faced in years, but still the lesser, by a paper-thin margin (although Jin eventually defeats him). However, Jin need not rely solely on his sword. In one scene, he falls back on Jujutsu techniques, disarming and incapacitating at least six armed samurai before getting his daisho back. Jin is shown in the opening sequence alongside images of fish, and he ends several battles by falling or jumping into water. His dedication to the sword is so intense that he seems to lack abilities in other areas like holding his liquor, playing the shamisen, cooking eel and fishing. As a testament to his intelligence and unwillingness to readily trust others, Jin usually is the first to suspect when someone is not who they seem. Jin is also a formidable player when it comes to board games, especially shogi, and takes his time to think about his moves and doesn't fret to put his life on the line against his opponent.

Name: Jin
Age: 20
Profession: Ronin
Weapon(s): Katana, Wakizashi
Fighting style(s): Mujushin Kenjutsu, Jujutsu
Quote: \"Cutting down a man who's done nothing wrong; is that what you've spent all those years honing your skills for? In my opinion, you're worthless.\"
Appears in: All episodes
Final status: Alive
Date: 05.07.2007 17:50
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Rating: 2.67 (6 Vote(s))
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