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Utena Tenjou

Utena Tenjou

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Utena Tenjou
Wallpaper Description: Utena Tenjou is the main character of Revolutionary Girl Utenaseries. In all versions of the story Utena is a tomboyish, courageous and naïve character who lives to emulate the idealized prince figure from her childhood. Utena is forthright, honest, and friendly, and nearly all the girls in school adore her.

In the manga, her parents died when Utena was six years old. On that day she was wandering around, lost, and she fell through a hole in a fence that enclosed a river area. Utena nearly drowned but was saved by a mysterious Prince who kissed away her tears and told her that if she did not lose her noble heart, they would meet again. He left with her a rose signet ring. Later on, Utena receives picture cards that give her clues as to where her prince is. By following these clues, she finds herself at Ohtori Academy.
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