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Sakura and blossoms

Sakura & Sasuke wallpaper

Sakura & Sasuke wallpaper

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Sakura & Sasuke wallpaper
Wallpaper Description: Sakura is a fairly popular character in Naruto. At the series' start, one of Sakura's only notable characteristics is her infatuation with Sasuke. Initially this consists of following him everywhere in an attempt to help him and valuing his opinion and abilities above all others. Once Sasuke begins to be put in more dangerous situations, Sakura's display of her feelings shifts to concern for his well-being, first seen when he appears to have died and she goes against the Shinobi Code by crying for his loss. While his death turns out to be an illusion, Sakura maintains this method of showing her feelings for Part I's duration. The most long-standing example of this is the Cursed Seal Sasuke receives from Orochimaru as a source of power. In addition to worrying for Sasuke when he is left bedridden after the seal's use, Sakura also worries about the seal's potential to draw Sasuke away from Konoha. In time, her fears are realized and Sasuke abandons the village to seek out Orochimaru. Before he leaves Sakura meets him at the village exit, expresses her love for him and begs for him to stay. She fails at this and changes tact, saying she will go with him, willing to do anything to be with him. Rather than leave her with words of parting, Sasuke gives her a simple \"thank you\" before knocking her out.

With Sasuke's departure, Sakura's feelings for him seem to shift from a childish crush to holding him as a dear friend. As such her driving force is now bringing him back to Konoha, and she joins Naruto in all attempts to do just that. Despite the friend-like qualities she now holds Sasuke with, Sakura is not above fighting him if it means she can protect others or it will make it easier to bring him home. While her opinion of Sasuke has changed, Sakura is not willing to let anyone speak ill of him, and readily beats anyone who badmouths him in an instant.

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